The videos below provide an overview of some of the talks that Markku has delivered for lectures, seminars, forums, symposiums and interviews, in both Finnish and English. Filmed over several years, they serve to highlight the breadth of his knowledge and show why he is an in-demand speaker.

As a foremost expert in future studies, many of the talks address topics that Markku has spent decades of his life researching and disseminating through various mediums. They provide an understanding about what futures thinking is and how future research can be applied in the world today.

Alongside interviews about his books and work, you’ll also find talks about Finland in 100 years from now, an examination of good leadership and the future of the green economy. A three part series of lectures gives a grounding in future studies and corporate foresight, one of Markku’s many areas of expertise. In another video for the Dinner’s Ready series, he addresses some of the issues related to food production and consumption in a lecture entitled, “Remembering the world - Food etiquette for the future”.

Videos also explore the sixth wave, providing an understanding of the relationships and developments of technologies, economies and cultures that contribute to societal development. Markku introduces his interpretation of K-waves, which are the patterns of 40-60 year long cycles. He argues that we’re moving from the fifth to the sixth wave, where a set of technologies drive the more efficient use of energy, materials and human capital.

Other videos touch on topical issues such as the meaningfulness of future working life, and another explores Man, Society and the Future, for the Future Man Symposium at Snellman University. While these videos offer an overview of some of Markku’s speaking topics, a more comprehensive list can be found on the Talks page.

Futures Studies and Corporate Foresight - Part I

Tulevaisuuden tutkija Markku Wilenius

Kuudes aalto ja kohta seitsemäs

Lue lisää Markku Wileniuksesta

Futures Studies and Corporate Foresight - Part II


Kooste Markku Wileniuksen pitämästä luennosta Jytyn

Ihminen, yhteiskunta ja tulevaisuus

Futures Studies and Corporate Foresight - Part III

Tulevaisuuskirja - metodi seuraavan aikakauden

Tulevaisuudentutkija Markku Wilenius Liedon Säästöpankin

Finland one hundred years from now

Johdanto tulevaisuuden tutkimukseen ja sen

'Surfing the Sixth Wave with smart resource use'

Varsinais-Suomen tulevaisuus - NYT! tapahtuma