Markku has spent the past 25 years building an in-depth understanding of the topics listed below. These topics cover many of the most pressing challenges that we need to navigate as a society, from sustainability and the threat posed by climate change, to technological transformation and how we produce our food in the future. Markku draws upon his broad research for each talk, helping engage audiences and providing them with the knowledge they need to plan for the challenges of tomorrow, along with the tools that organisations need to maintain a competitive advantage in the face of rapid change today.


The purpose of strategic foresight

Understand how technology, politics, the economy, new legislation and other factors could affect an organisation’s operations, which create opportunities to maintain a competitive edge.

The long waves of our socio-economic & technological transformation

Long waves are 40-60 year cycles where economic growth is shaped by technological development. Learn how technologies are improving the efficient use of energy, materials and human capital.

The idea of education and learning in the future

Markku is UNESCO Chair in Learning Society and Futures of Education. Gain in-depth insights from an expert into how learning is changing and how the right pedagogy can maintain student motivation.

Megatrends of the future

Markku can provide clarity about the defining megatrends which are most relevant to your organisation or sector, and those which may affect the way we live and work over the coming decades.


The role of culture and design in the future

Explore how our culture is changing and what this means for researchers, designers and business owners who are using this information to shape their decisions and create the world of tomorrow.

What do we eat in the future?

A combination of factors including ecological pressures, a growing population and changing cultural values mean we will need to look closely at how we produce our food and where it comes from.

The new era of consciousness

Discover how human consciousness and the human mind develop in response to changes in society and how we have entered a period of cognizance about many of the global challenges we face today.

The key sustainability challenges of our future

Responses from governments, businesses and consumers will be crucial for addressing key sustainability challenges including climate change, biodiversity loss, water scarcity and pollution