Personally, I very much enjoyed working with Markku. His open and honest way of communication combined with his foresight and convictions impressed me. I am glad to have had his support at a time when I found myself and Allianz at a crucial juncture to ensure our company’s future. Our results since then count for itself. If I would have a top executive task demanding similar competencies that was requested in his work in Allianz as a corporate futurist today, I would not hesitate to ask him to join me.
— Michael Diekmann / Allianz
As a superior, Markku is a pleasure to work with. He is a pioneering professional with excellent communication and leadership skills. Markku does not only give tasks and assignments but is always willing to hear new out-of-the-box ideas from his employees and is often inspired by them. If one needs expertise consulting on megatrends, challenges and visions for the future, Markku Wilenius is the person to contact.
— Krista Heinonen