Markku is an influential futurist and thought leader, who holds positions with esteemed organisations including the Club of Rome and UNESCO. He draws upon decades of experience from these positions and his various capacities as a professor, business advisor, researcher and author to deliver a wide range of talks for conferences, businesses and universities.

Markku is a charismatic and confident speaker, who inspires listeners with his innovative and engaging performance technique that enables him to provide clarity on complex issues. He has participated in hundreds of speaking engagements and consultation projects with both Finnish and international organisations. Markku has also delivered more than 150 radio and television interviews on a broad range of subjects.

His knowledge spans many of the pressing issues facing the world today, making him a requested speaker for large conferences, specialist fairs and panel discussions. He provides an in-depth analysis of how the trends of tomorrow will impact people, cities and businesses, supported by the weight of his extensive research in the field. Markku’s work covers numerous areas including long-term trends and their implications, new business models, issues surrounding sustainable development, strategic leadership, foresight for organisations and society, and the role that culture plays for both people and organisations.

Here are just some of those companies he’s proud to have worked with:

As a natural part of his scientific activities, he has given countless lectures in his home universities as well as abroad. This includes his time as a Visiting Lecturer at St Gallen University in Switzerland, and Dublin Institute of Technology in Ireland. He is accomplished at delivering keynote speeches and lectures for conferences, high level meetings and corporate events.

Markku’s insight is a fundamental addition to any event that seeks to understand and plan for the future in the best possible manner. The topics listed below are just a small selection of the subjects that Markku speaks about.

  • Future challenges of cities

  • Purpose in strategic foresight

  • New era of running organizations

  • The future of food and agriculture

  • The future of learning and education

  • Long waves in socio-economic & technological transformation

  • sustainability challenges of our future

  • The role of culture and design in future societies

  • A new era of consciousness

  • Megatrends of the future

He also speaks about many other subject and tailors research and keynote for every client. Reach out to Markku today to discuss your event.