Markku is a Professor of Future Studies and has also been a Visiting Lecturer at universities around the world. During this time he has delivered many lectures on topics related to future studies.



Markku has delivered keynote speeches for some of the largest events in Scandinavia and Northern Europe. He can be booked to speak at conferences, corporate events and high level meetings.



As an eminent expert in future studies, Markku draws upon his extensive research to provide in-depth analysis about future trends and impacts and is a requested panellist for prominent events.



Markku’s foresight is highly valued by the media and he has a remarkable record with a combined total of more than 550 interviews for television, radio, daily papers, magazines and journals.

Markku has extensive speaking experience from many different events around the world. Some of the subjects he speaks about include technology, sustainability, food, culture and cities. Additional topics can be found on the Talks page. His mission is to provide an overview of the bigger picture, in order to understand and help explain how each of these areas might develop in the future.

Markku has an exceptional speaking record encompassing conferences, lectures, workshops, forums and seminars. While working in the private sector, he provided talks for major organisations including Allianz, Morningstar, Munich Re and Swiss Re amongst others. Markku is a regular conference speaker and has delivered talks for the FTA2018 Conference, Työelämä 2020 (Finland Working Life 2020) and numerous Futures Conferences.

In his capacity as Professor of Futures Studies at the University of Turku, he has given countless academic lectures both at home and abroad, on topics ranging from future studies and corporate insight, through to food etiquette for the future.

As a keynote speaker, he has given talks at major events including:

  • Industry summit, the biggest industrial and cleantech event in Northern Scandinavia

  • Dare to Learn, the largest learning festival in Northern Europe

  • The International Futures Conference

  • The Creative Futures conference for the University Consortium Pori

  • Heritage, Tourism and Hospitality conference (HTHIC) 2017

Markku has participated in many high profile panel discussions over the years, including the World Ecological Forum summit, where he appeared alongside experts in the field of climate change, to discuss a safe operating space for humanity.

He is a go-to expert for media interviews, with 150 radio and television interviews behind him. In 2007, he appeared with Professor Pirjo Ståhle in a six-programme TV series called “tulevaisuuspaja” (Futures Workshop), for the Finnish national broadcasting company YLE. The programme explored future innovations that would be critical to Finland’s long-term success.