Markku has participated in more than 25 large research and development projects, in various capacities including Senior Researcher and Director of projects. He is therefore well-versed in leading specific investigations into various future themes.

In the winter of 2010-2011, he conducted a study for the Prime Minister’s office of Finland, which involved evaluating the long-term climate change and energy policy of Finland, as expressed in the government’s report to Parliament. Between January 2015 and December 2016, Markku was Director of a project funded by TEKES, the National Technology Agency of Finland. The project was entitled, “Human Being in the Sixth Wave (HUVA). How to Transfer Best Practices of the New Digital Businesses into Industrial Companies.” Recently, Markku also assisted Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council to rethink their smart specialization strategy for the region.

Some of Markku’s additional ongoing research and development projects include:

  • Co-Director of WISE (Creative Adaptation to Wicked Socio-Environmental Disruptions) for the Academy of Finland.

  • Director of the project “Towards a Greener Urban Future”, for the City of Turku.

  • Co-Director of the Bioeconomy and Justice research project for the Academy of Finland.

  • Chairman for the Turku Centre Vision 2050 project, for the City of Turku.

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