With more than 25 years’ experience in academia and the private sector, Markku combines practical knowledge from the business world, with his ability to shape comprehensive and tailored courses to meet the needs of different organisations.

In the past he has organised a course for Finnish financial industry executives about foresight. The course was comprised of several core workshops that served to prepare the executives for the future, including actionable steps for incorporating foresight into their organisations.

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Foresight, Strategic Thinking & Operations of an Organisation

Understand how trends including technology, cultural changes and legislation affect the operating environment of an organisation and how this information can be utilised to your benefit.

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The key trends affecting our operating environment

As a leading expert who has conducted extensive research on long waves and trends, Markku is uniquely placed to discuss how specific trends could affect your organisation and how to adapt.

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How to build foresight system into your organisation

Change is taking place faster and having more of an impact than ever before. Incorporating foresight into your organisation is becoming crucial for anticipating and adapting to the future.

Each of the topics listed below are relevant for helping organisations understand and plan for the future, and provide an overview of just some of the areas that Markku can cover.

  • Strategic foresight enables an organisation to understand information about their future operating environment, by looking at how technology, politics, the economy and new laws could affect them. Markku explains these trends and identifies methods of strategic thinking that enable organisations to maintain their competitive edge in the face of change. This can involve looking at the way the organisation functions at present and how it could operate in the future.

  • Major trends can shape the way we live our lives and the way businesses function. For example, technology is improving rapidly and it’s essential to make sense of how this will impact your company and business sector. Markku has researched, written and spoken widely about trends and how they’re crucial for tomorrow’s planning and is therefore best placed to deliver a course on this subject for your organisation.

  • Foresight works best when implemented as a managed programme, as opposed to reacting to events as they happen. Markku will show you how to incorporate foresight into your organisation, so that your business can take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

To hear more about all the courses that Markku provides and how they can help your organisation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.