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Markku capitalises on his extensive academic and private sector experience to transform companies through change processes. He helps prepare and support businesses who are looking to make organisational changes, whether these are required to adapt to market circumstances or to spur growth and improvement.

Organisational change is required to remain at the forefront of many sectors as a result of factors including technological advancements, changing consumer behaviours, pressure from new competitors and external threats and opportunities.

Change management begins with an assessment of the current situation, to explore both the need and ability of a company to make change. Markku’s business acumen and understanding of issues that organisations face make him well-placed to advise your organisation. For more than three years, Markku worked as a senior executive for Allianz, where he helped prepare the company for the future and anticipated the shift into the new digital and social era with evolving needs for both customers and employees. He also led the ‘Trend Assessment Committee’ at Allianz, and his research led to innovations and ideas that are still part of the company today.

A new outlook for the future, with practicable advice

Implementing change processes can sometimes be difficult, but the right preparations can be crucial. Markku can help provide clarity about the company vision and a new outlook for the future, with practicable advice. This sense of purpose can help motivate employees who are essential to the uptake of change processes, and this can ultimately assist the company in meeting their objectives.

His experience with change management makes him well-placed to offer your organisation practical advice for implementation. Markku also has an adaptable communication style that enables him to engage easily with everyone and ensures that change-makers within an organisation leave with the knowledge they need and a sense of empowerment to bring about successful change.