Markku draws upon his broad future studies knowledge spanning 25 years to provide a range of services. In addition to being a notable academic professor, he has also worked as a senior executive and futurist for Allianz, and has been a partner with various start-ups.

Markku has served as an expert for a large number of governmental bodies and initiatives, including Vice-Chair of the Finnish Consumer Agency for several years. His involvement with NGOs includes 10 years of membership with the world-renowned Club of Rome, which is devoted to the future of humankind.



Markku can deliver speeches ranging in length from 20 minutes, to three hours. His areas of expertise include future challenges of cities, the purpose of strategic foresight, the new wave of running organizations, the idea of education and learning in the future.



Markku can work with you to tailor a course to meet the needs of your organisation. For example, he organised a course about foresight for Finnish financial industry executives, which consisted of three insightful and actionable workshops.

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Change processes are an area of Markku’s expertise. He helps transform companies, by assisting them gain clarity about their vision and a new outlook for the future.



Markku can investigate specific future themes for organisations and government bodies. For example, in the winter of 2010/11, he conducted a study for the Prime Minister’s office in Finland, evaluating long-term climate change and energy policies for the country.



Markku can help you find a suitable new course for your professional life, and can give you examples of several major changes he has made successfully in his own life.