Markku completed his doctoral dissertation in 1997, entitled ‘Faust on Wheels. Conceptualizing Modernization and Global Climate Change.’ Since then Markku has written broadly on a wide range of topics related to future studies. In 2009, he won the Emerald Literary Network award for the most outstanding article of the year.

He has published 30 peer-reviewed scientific articles, with five more in progress. A significant number of articles are focused on sustainability, climate change and environmental change. Some of these articles include a regime for climate protection for Finland and international climate policy, using Delphi for Finnish climate policy and the globalization of environmental change, encompassing sociology and modernity.

Markku has examined emerging challenges for the business world as we move towards an age of responsibility. Another paper looks at ethics in the sixth wave and how new ethical companies will transform our economies over the coming decades. A major study area is K-waves and the next socio-economic cycle, with articles on the role of leadership, the challenge of global democracy and the shocks that may upend the sixth wave.

There are more than 20 non-refereed scientific articles to Markku’s name. Climate change and ecological challenges remain a key topic. Education is also looked at within a Finnish context. Other articles investigate a green urban future, a vision for Europe, the new world order and the challenge of global democracy, as well as an analysis of the links between future, technology and humankind.

Markku has produced a number of publications for professional communities, which consider leadership in the sixth wave, Finland as a pioneering country, education as innovation and the role of social foresight in monitoring future challenges.

Selection of Markku’s publications


  • Wilenius, Markku & Kurki, Sofi (2019). The revolution at work: How the Organisations of the Future operate? World Scientific Publishing, London. (Forthcoming)

  • Wilenius Markku & Gerbrands, Peter Paul (2019). Connecting the Future. How to Reach the Next Step in Human Development (Forthcoming)

  • Jones, Ana & Wilenius, Markku (2019).Greening Turku. A Vision for Greener and Sustainable Historic Town. Project Report. Finland Futures Research Centre












  • Wilenius, Markku - Ståhle, Pirjo (2006) Luova tietopääoma - tulevaisuuden kestävä kilpailuetu. [Creative Knowledge Capital. Sustainable Competitive Advantage of the Future]. Edita Publishing Ltd, Helsinki

  • Wilenius, Markku (2006). Cultural Competence in the Business World: A Finnish Perspective. Journal of Business Strategy, Vol. 27, No 4

  • Wilenius, Markku (2006) Tulevaisuuksien näkeminen haasteena. Teoksessa De Urbe Uloa – Menestyksen avaimet pp. 72–80. Suomen Kotiseutuliiton julkaisuja A:13

  • Wilenius, Markku (2006) Yhteiskunta, Tulevaisuus ja Ennakointi. Teoksessa Uusi Jako: Miten Suomesta tuli kilpailukyky-yhteiskunta. [Society, Future and Foresight. In: New Deal: How Finland became a competition-oriented society]. Gaudeamus, Helsinki




  • Wilenius, Markku (2003) Tuhannen vuoden haaste [The Challenge for the next thousand years]. Futura 1/2003, 30-37. Tulevaisuuden tutkimuksen seura ry, Helsinki




  • Wilenius, Markku – Kamppinen, Matti (2000) Introduction: A guideline for living beyond information society. Foresight Vol. 02, no 02, apr. 00, pp.147-150.







  • Wilenius, Markku (1993) Between Economy and Ecology. A Study of Finnish Environmental Elites. In Proceedings of First Finnish Conference of Environmental Sciences. Kuopio, 1993

Publications intended for the general public

Several hundred columns and small articles published in press

Over 150 radio and television interviews over the years

Over 400 interviews in journals, magazines and daily papers

Public artistic and design activities

Six-programme series “tulevaisuuspaja” [Futures Workshop] in Finnish national Broadcasting Company (YLE) together with professor Pirjo Ståhle in Autumn 2007. The programme dealt with future innovations critical to Finland ́s long-term future success.

Doctoral theses

Wilenius, Markku (1997) Faust on Wheels. Conceptualizing Modernization and Global Climate Change. The Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters and The Finnish Academy of Science and Letters. Helsinki. Doctoral Dissertation. 170 pages.