“The future exists in the conclusions made about it and in the plans made for it”


Dr. Markku Wilenius is a renowned futurist, author and speaker with more than 25 years’ experience in future studies. His primary interest is in understanding the opportunities and challenges that could arise in the future and bringing this crucial foresight to the attention of society and organisations across the world.

Markku is Professor of Future Studies at the University of Turku and is also the UNESCO Chair in Learning Society and Futures of Education. He has been a member of the prestigious Club of Rome for 10 years. In 2002, he was part of the Finnish delegation at the landmark Johannesburg Sustainable Development Summit.

For more than three years, Markku worked in the private sector as a senior executive for Allianz, where he led on strategic research and trend assessment. Markku is also the president of three foundations and a partner with various start-up companies.

Markku is a highly accomplished speaker, and is often requested at high level conferences. He also delivers lectures, workshops, forums and seminars. To date, he has provided more than 150 radio and television interviews, in addition to over 400 interviews for journals, magazines and daily papers.


Across this site, you can view a range of services that Markku provides, including tailored courses for organisations, advising businesses about change processes, specific investigations and research projects as well as coaching for individuals about career changes.



Changing processes in the organizations



Investigating various studies on future themes



Defining a new course for the professional life



Tailoring different courses depending on the needs of the audience and the level of understanding at the outset



Markku is known as a charismatic and confident performer who inspires his listeners



Markku is a respected author with ten scientific books and monographs to his name

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Patterns of the future: Understanding the Next Wave of Global Change

Markku Wilenius

Markku is a respected author with ten scientific books and monographs to his name. He won the award for notable non-fiction book of the year 2015 from the Lauri Jäntti Foundation. Markku has written more than 55 scientific papers and in 2009, he won the award for the most outstanding article of the year from the Emerald Literary Network. In addition, he’s had several hundred columns and articles published in the press. His latest thoughts and analysis can be found over in the blog.

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Through his initiatives and collaboration inside Allianz, he proved to be a powerful and skillful vehicle for transformation. He showed the capacity to bring new solutions, convince people across all ranks of the company, and lead transformational processes systemically.

Michael Diekmann

CEO of Allianz SE, A former boss