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28.08.2017 - The vision for the city centre of turku receives further media coverage

In addition to the multiple articles published in Finnish and in Swedish, the vision has received media coverage in English:

22.08.2017 - video of the turku vision 



17.08.2017 - A vision of the city centre of Turku

Picture: Lundén Architecture Company

Picture: Lundén Architecture Company

A working group, chaired by professor Markku Wilenius, has been developing an ambitious vision for the future of the city centre of Turku. After almost a year of working, the vision was released this week (14.08) to the leadership of political parties, to the media, as well as to the citizens of Turku. 

The vision paints the year 2050 in the following manner: “The commercial centre is expanding, the old town is becoming an oasis of European encounters, and the east coast of the Aura River is developing into a combination of culture, restaurants and work.” According to the working group, Turku has the potential to become a globally significant city with its exceptional archipelago and advanced infrastructure, creating good conditions for comfortable housing, vibrant economy and culture.

“The vision gives direction for future development. It is a strongly justified example of what a prosperous centre can be in the future”, states Wilenius.

The vision has received highly positive feedback and a vast amount of media attention, in over 20 newspapers. A few links to the articles:

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Turkulainen: Turun keskustavisiossa hurjia suunnitelmia: Lisää kävelykatuja, joukkoliikenne uusiksi, kauppatori uuteen uskoon

Turun kaupunki: Turun kaupungin keskustalle uusi kunnianhimoinen visio

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Turun yliopisto: Turun keskustalle kunnianhimoinen visio professori Wileniuksen johdolla

Yle Nyheter: Åbo - Nordens Paris i framtiden?


01.04.2017 - Intellectual Biography of Professor Pentti Malaska Published

An intellectual biography of Professor Pentti Malaska was published on 21 March 2017. Pentti Malaska was the founder of the Finland Futures Research Centre (1992) and the Finnish Society for Futures Studies (1980). He played a significant role in the establishment and development of the academic field of Futures Studies, particularly in Finland but also throughout the world.

The biography is edited by Laura Pouru, Markku Wilenius, Karin Holstius and Sirkka Heinonen and it is published in the Futures series of The Finnish Society for Futures Studies. The compilation of the biography was funded by the Turku School of Economics Foundation.