My Brand New Website

Welcome to my renewed website! This serves the purpose of keeping you updated on my activities and thoughts. I will do my best to be concise and give you the very best of my understanding of what is going on, what will happen and why this all is happening.


From here on, my blogs will feature regularly, 2-3 blogs per week. Mostly in English, occasionally Finnish. And in the era of Google Translate, even that should be no problem for my non-Finnish readers.

In the following, I will tell you shortly what I am up to at this point in terms of my projects:

First, the future of cities has become a very real topic for me. Just around three weeks ago we published the vision 2050 for the city of Turku, see the video-presentation in Finnish here (English version is to come soon). This has been an enormously rewarding journey to capture, how cities and particularly their centers have to rethink the way they are designed and organized in order to be attractive for people and investors. We were flooded by positive comments and that made us very happy! More on that later…

Second, I have been very happy for the positive feedback on my recently published book “Patterns of the Future”. It was a serious effort to integrate my observations and insights into a single volume. However, new research and thoughts still keep coming. My “Human Value in the Sixth Wave” project which looked closely at those pioneer organizations willing to reshape the way people work and businesses are run, is now at the phase where me and my colleague Sofi Kurki are writing a book about the theme. When automation, robotization and machine intelligence are now reaching to service business, what is left to occupy humans?

Third, my project on the future of the bioeconomy has recently started and I feel so enthralled by the topic. By the end of this century, most of materials, data-processing capacities and certainly health supporters will be derived from the organic world. There are also immensely difficult questions around: how do we deal with ethical issues around the bioeconomy: for instance, with an assumed increased use, how will we deal with the depletion of forest and plants?

Fourth, the Bastu project I initiated some years back is also at a highly interesting stage. It deals with those type of actions where enterprises, public institutions and universities in Turku, finding common goals in developing resource efficient and sustainable businesses that can unite them. There are lots of interesting themes coming up: Sea-clusters, energy, food, and construction to name some of the most important ones. In each of these themes, the best local forces are uniting in the aim of finding out how new and healthy businesses could be created around those sectors.

There are some more, but I need to draw the line here. As always, feedback is warmly welcome.