What is most important to business is least important to analyst

These days Nokia is a lot in the media. There is a guesswork an confusion going on what is happening with our former flagship, reflected also in the shareprice. Former yes, because what ever god news there are (such as the fact that they will not pay dividend or that they are returning to times when they have a nice cashbox) there is always reminder that the share of the smartphone market is small etc. Then analysts shoot the projections as to how many phones need to be sold in order to keep on the track. And so forth and so forth. They talk about gadgets, money and market because that is the world they at least are expected to know something about.

What they don't talk is what has really happened inside Nokia.  And that is the very reason they know almost nothing about Nokia's future. What I mean is they do not understand about the only lasting success factor and competitive edge that you can have inside the company: company culture.

The time of the previous CEO was a perfect show-up of all this. Under mr. Kallasvuo, communication was paralyzed and control and fear took the upper hand. Rest is history: Our flagship went down like an old sinking wooden ship. It almost reached the bottom before it was realized that something has be be changed and fast.

The most effective way to make the change in the course of the ship is to change the captain. In corporate environment this means changing CEO and the board of the chairman, in this order. This is exactly what Nokia did and now we start to see the results.

Mr. Elop is a straightforward canadian. He answers his emails personally, thus maintaining touch outside his immediate surrounding.He is very good with media, showing passion while presenting products and humility  otherwise. And what we now start receiving are not only great products (Lumia is fantastic phone to use) but actually a company with new spirit, energy level and vigour.

Again, this is something analysts don't get. They get the numbers. Yet this is exactly why I believe what we have is a new Nokia. And this Nokia has a brighter future than non of us is able to see now.

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