The Future of Spirituality


Christmas time is the very best time to think about how spirituality will affect to the future of mankind. Spirituality to me means "staying spirited while living life on Earth". In this context, Jesus Christ had what I think three messages to us: first, be human. Second, believe in miracles and third, stay in touch with yourself. Let's reflect what these messages mean in our times and for the future. Jesus himself was a showcase of a man that addressed people always on the human level. He made no distinction between different classes of society. To him, every human being represented authentic person. Moreover, he disobeyed everyone who took the power to treat others in an inhuman way. He was also courageous enough to stand against authorities.

I think Jesus Christ delivers a strong message to our times, where there is an increasing pressure for societal inequalities.  In many ways, our times are becoming harder as the steady growth of economic well-being we  have enjoyed does not necessarily continue into the future.  We are in the flux of change and there is a chance that more people will be pushed into the marginals. Likewise, the technology we are producing suggest growing inpersonalization, as machine-to-machine interaction takes a bigger toll.  So in the spirit of Jesus Christ, we should keep in mind  always to have a human touch in whatever we do and to act in the name of simple human kindness.

Jesus Christ did a lot of sheer miracles. This is to remind us of the power of belief. In fact He pointed out that what we see here is not everything. In our times, we should be skeptical to anyone who think that material/physical is all that there is.  There is no way us to know it and  we would be wise to stay humble in the front of the complex reality. For those of us that do believe there are higher powers that play their part in emerging existence, we should always remember Jesus did not propagate any institution to fall back in  human belief but to rely on one's own experience.  I think we should keep his healthy advice.

This takes us to the last of his message: the most important thing we possess is the human dignity. In whatever circumstances we are, if we take care of that, no one can hurt us. It was a great message to all of us here, since there is no single grown-up human being on this planet that has not suffered insult to our dignity. Life forces us constantly to the situations where the only resource we have to make up with situation is human dignity. This is of course something Nelson Mandela was teaching to us with his powerful example.

Who of us can deny that these three messages of Jesus are crucial as we continue treading this century forward: act human, have a belief in what you do and keep integrity?

Hope we can all meditate these qualities in the silence of Christmas.  They represent the essence of spirituality.