Kone and the Future


In the last post I did some comparison between Kone and Nokia. In yesterday's "Talouselämä" the major owner and the chair of board Antti Herlin gives an interesting account of Kone's recipy for their formidable success story. Firstly he points out that he has discussions with CEO Alahuhta every day. This is of course highly unusual but tells something about the interest of the owner. And it gets better: he says CEO (and not the board) runs the company and board is just the watchdog, taking care that company has the right direction. So he is not leading the company from the backseat.

I have noticed no such voices in Finnish debate before. Moreover, the success story of Kone is of great part a success story of the proper leadership of the company, fuelled by two men, Antti Herlin and Matti Alahuhta. Respect!