An evening with Planet Brothers


Two nights ago I had the pleasure to spend an evening (and part of the night) in studio with two amazing finns, guys called Riku & Tunna, men behind Madventures. These two are in the continuous trip to find exciting places,things and thoughts in our planet. Now they have a new TV-show up and running, called Docventures where they explore with thrilling documents and invited guests our human condition.

Our entitled theme was nature but of course we talked about the future.  In all of my my studio visits and interviews I have seldom if never felt so good as with these guys. They are easygoing but still are very serious about doing well their work.  No wonder they are so successful among the young folks as they bring topics so many of those in the growing generations are concerned but few can express it in the ways that could reach younger folks. For them, as for all of us concerned, the question is how to safeguard the planet, how to be a part of change and - also - how to influence to my generation who mostly still live in the old world...

So we had a good chat bout number of issues. And these guys really blew my mind as well when I realized they really represent the voice of our future: the amount of feedback they get  through some is spectacular and in its own class in Finnish TV. They are the TV-channel in the new format this world need.

Moreover, they are  Blues Brothers of our time. In my mind, I call them Planet Brothers, as these guys seem to be  on a serious mission from God to do something about the planet