The Very Hard Nuclear Future


This morning the main newspaper here in Finland Helsingin Sanomat advised us that the the main contractor for Olkiluoto 3 nuclear reactor plant french Areva assessess it will cost almost three times more than what the original plan was. So, instead of costing 3 billion, it will cost (at least) 8,5 billion. While it remain interesting to see who is going to pay the difference of the contract 5,5 billion, the real issue is this: there are very few arguments left to argue that in today's security standards, nuclear reactor would be market competitive choice, leave alone all other massive problems it entails. One may ask, how such an enormous miscalculation could happen? the simple answer is this: no one had before tried to build in a advanced western country a nuclear reactor with sufficient security measures. It will be interesting to see if there is any reactions from other parties involved in building new plant here in Finland. And what about our politicians, those who should think for the long-term public interest?