Interview together with Dan Steinbock, Kemira Waterlink-magazine 1/2010


In order for a major company to seize and develop new business opportunities, it needs to look as far ahead as possible. The company also needs to be aware of the changes taking place, not only in its own immediate sphere of operations, but in a broader global context – otherwise known as megatrends. Then comes the difficult part: the company has to be ready to take risks based on its analyses of these megatrends. So what exactly is a megatrend? We asked Professor Markku Wilenius of the Finnish Futures Research Centre, currently ending a period of secondment as Senior Advisor for Economic Research & Corporate Development for the German insurance group Allianz SE. He defines a megatrend as an underlying driver that has such an impact on society, people and business that it is impossible to avoid. Megatrends mold society, economics and culture as well as the ways of life of people. Futurists are entitled to investigate the pressing issues, and ask whether these trends are going to increase or decrease in importance.

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