How Queen of Internet sees the future

Mary Meeker is known to be extremely sensitive in understanding the future. Already from mid 1990's, working in Morgan Stanley as financial analyst, she was able to chase major IPOs, such as Google and Netscape, and was also able to see the potential of such companies as Amazon or Dell. last year she reincarnated as a venture capitalist with VC firm Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers.


In latest Wired-magazine, she reveals how she actually detects the future. She says it is a combination of trends and close observation on things happening around her. Her latest discovery was beauty. She came across with the word so many times during a that she simply thought "vow, this must mean something": beautification was born. Observation and previous knowledge was connected in intuition.

This was also close to what Steve Jobs promoted to the very end. Get liberal arts and technology together and you get beauty! That is so much beyond function. And then when you get the ethics as a third layer in place as well (Apple/Jobs never did), you hit the jackpot!