Patterns of the future: Understanding the Next Wave of Global Change

Patterns of the Future explains the current world using the theory of long-term development waves (Kondratiev waves). Markku Wilenius, Professor of Futures Studies, argues that we are now entering the sixth wave: the age of intelligent, integrated technologies, helping to restore the balance between humans, technology and nature by radically improved material and energy efficiency and a wiser use of human potential.

The unfolding sixth wave will challenge our current values, institutions and business models. Using a systems-based approach, Patterns of the Future analyses how corporations and the public sector can navigate in the sixth wave. Case studies look at specific examples of this, using high-profile companies to demonstrate both the best- (and worst-) case scenarios of innovation for change.

Tulevaisuuskirja: metodi seuraavan aikakauden ymmärtämiseen

Tulevaisuuskirja kertoo mitä tulevaisuudessa tapahtuu ja miten se tapahtuu. Kirjaan olen koonnut havaintoni maailman muutoksesta ja miten se näkyy taloudessa, teknologiassa, kulttuurissa, politiikassa tai meidän henkilökohtaisessa elämässä. Tulevaisuudentutkijan perspektiivin antaa se, että tarkastelen tätä muutosta 40-60 välein tapahtuvina kehitysharppauksina tai aaltoina. Lisäksi kerron mikä tekee tästä alkavasta kuudennesta aallosta erilaisen verrattuna aikaisempiin. Lisää tulevaisuukirjasta



Surfing the sixth wave: Exploring the next 40 years of global change

Project explores, analyzes and makes use of the next big wave of development known as Kontratieff cycle, assumed to take place between 2010-2050. It is based on the theory explaining that modern societies develop in 40-60 year cycles. The coming wave will be radically different to the previous cycle (1970-2010), driven by ICT. The new wave will produce number of grave challenges to Finnish industries as well as to the carrying capacity of the welfare society. Project will study the implications of this cycle for Finland, draw some practical conclusions and policy recommendations and build, together with private and public sector partners, a toolkit that companies and public sector can use in their strategic work. Eventually, project is designed to support Finnish industries and investors to enter into those future markets.

Co-partners: Research
Institute for the Future (Palo Alto, Calif,), NASA Ames Research Center (Mountain View, California), X-Research Centre, Vienna

Co-partners: Industry
Finnish Forest Industries (Helsinki), Federation for Finnish Financial Services (Helsinki)